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But also we got our areas of expertise: training, marketing and development.


Below-the-line: develop lasting point of sale campaigns with creative concepts and professional project management.

Retail space for innovative POS marketing

Client: Microsoft Germany GmbH

For Microsoft, we have a special consumer electronics retail concept that is being rolled out in Germany under the name "Retail Reinvention". The eye-catching sales areas invite you to linger and provide end users the perfect space to hang out and learn about Microsoft products. Our solution-oriented goal is to primarily use digital signage to advise and inform customers. Staff who have been trained and placed by us, are there to provide support and advice, and to ensure optimum product presentation. 

Sales promotion measures

Client: Gigaset elements GmbH

From recruitment and contract management to detailed tour planning, this project allowed us to show off the range of our trade marketing expertise. 

Sales promotion measures


Digital signage and innovative presentation areas at the point of sale.


In-house development

Host a meeting, without losing eye contact. Offer a training course without being tied to one place. Hold a conference call, without worrying about national borders. It's all easy with trainON, our customizable and convenient meeting software. Lern more at: www.trainon.de 

Interactive POS sales solutions

Client: Cyberport GmbH

Fascinating gesture and movement control: two large video walls, placed on an innovation island, allowed visitor to interact with our customer's products and services in a captivating and engaging way.

Development of an innovative in-store prize drawing

Client: Samsung Electronics GmbH

For the opening of a new electronics store, we developed a prize drawing that made a huge impression. All customers who chose to take a part were photographed after their purchase. The photos then appeared on a total of 154 Samsung tablets and winners were selected at random.

"The Inspiration Store"

Client: xplace GmbH

We developed a touch application according to Xplace's specifications for the pilot project "The Inspiration Store" from Ebay, Metro Group and Paybal. The solution's highlight is the display opimization in 4K via four 47-inch screens. On display, is an endless grid of up to 400 products that change daily and can be bought via QR code online or directly in store. The aim of the pilot project is to examine the extent to which QR codes can be used in retail stores.


Only those who understand can convince others. ‬

Hardware Launch Trainings

Client: Microsoft Germany GmbH

As the lead agency, we were responsible for the design and implementation of retail training, as well as the creation of training content for the Surface Pro 3 launch. Within a month, in 212 markets, we held new product trainings for regional managers and RRI experts as well as 668 RSPs in 1:many, composite and virtual classroom trainings.

Migration training in the B2B environment‬

Client: Know How! AG

As a subcontractor, we provide training for trainers in the B2B sector. Participants from large companies get to know Office components at large events and in intensive trainings. During special floor walking sessions within the company, questions and problems working with Office are clarified by our trainers, right there on site. 

Learn more about Know How! AG


Online Training Portal

Client: Microsoft Germany GmbH

Expert Zone, the online training portal for Microsoft's business partners, offers exclusive learning content, online training, POS material and virtual classroom training.

At regular intervals, we adapt original American courses or develop custom courses based on requested topics. In virtual classroom trainings, participants are trained online by our competent trainers and are able to participate interactively from anywhere.